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8 Free Tips For Adding Curb Appeal To Your Home

Eight Great Ideas for Curb Appeal

Tip 1 Clean the outside. Just a little elbow grease can make a difference on curb appeal. Wash the dirt from the outside of your home. The investment of a rental of a power-washer could save you tens of thousands of dollars in negotiations.

Do not forget the windows. Clean windows allow the sun to shine through and your home looks brighter and more inviting to a buyer. Consider hiring a professional cleaning crew if your time is limited. You are likely to re-coop the investment at the settlement table.

Tip 2 Paint the house. My best advise for to curb appeal to home sellers is to paint the house. After you have cleaned the outside and knocked off all the grunge, it is time to bring out the paint brushes. As soon as a potential home buyer approaches your home they will notice the new paint job.

Tip 3 If your roof needs repairs, either way you look at it you will pay for roof repairs. In the end you will either pay when the value of the property is reduced or pay when the roofer repairs the roof. It is just that simple. You can not afford to ignore the roof.

Sometimes just cleaning the algae, dirt or moss from the roof does the job. Contact a professional who has the right tools and skills to clean your roof and will not cause any damage.

Tip 4 Clean up the yard. Some fresh mulch, trimmed shrubs will increase the curb appeal. Pull the weeds and add a splash of color. Consider fertilizing the yard to green it up a little. Cover the bare spots with grass seed and keep the yard mowed.

Tip 5 Add a color splash. Colorful touches will not increase the value of your home but painting the front door red or blue could make your home sell faster. Plant a few flowers along the walkway or driveway. Place rocking chairs on the front porch to create a welcoming feeling.

Tip 6 Glam up your mailbox. Adding fancy house numbers or an address sign will make your house stand out. If you do not want to buy a new mailbox consider, painting your old mailbox and add new house numbers.

Tip 7 Consider installing a new fence. A fence in good condition could increase the value of your home especially in a family-oriented neighborhood. If you already have a fence, look over it to make sure it is in good condition and replace or repair if necessary.

Tip 8 Maintain the outside. An unmaintained home will have buyers asking the wrong questions. The first thing they will see is loose gutters or peeling paint. They will wonder what else needs to be done to this home. What un-seen repairs need to be made? Prevent any prospective buyer from having these concerns by taking care of the maintenance chores like fastening sagging gutters and repaint where necessary.

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