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Do Home Buyers Buy Homes During Christmas?

Do Home Buyers Buy Homes During Christmas?

The simple answer is YES!

The home buyers that come out in the snow and freezing weather during the busy season of the holidays are the serious home buyers.  They are not out just kicking tires. Most need to move.   Usually there is a deadline.   Many times the deadline is the end of the year.  As far as real estate professionals such as loan officers and bankers they too want to get deals closed before the end of the year to end the year strong and meet their goals.

Home buyers thinking of buying during this busy holiday time need to be mindfulChristmas bulb with Canadian maple leaf of the home sellers trying to sell at this time.

It is not easy to sell your home any time of the year but as a seller it can be difficult when you add the extra stresses of the holiday season.  Trying to sell a house and work around holiday events, family schedules as there are more people in the home during the holidays and kids home from college, is an added stressor. Most home sellers are gracious to accommodate home buyers and are able to arrange their lives for buyers to tour their homes.

Not all professionals work during the holiday season.  Some real estate professionals take the entire month of December off.  I work through the holidays, answer the phone and show and list properties.  Showing properties all decked out with holiday decorations is an added bonus.

If you are looking for a home before Christmas this year there is still time!  Give us a call, let’s start today!

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