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Fort St. John Home Buyer Tips

A Fort St. John Home Buyer makes big decisions when buying a home.

It is likely the biggest decisions they will ever make in their lives.  Whether it is a starter home or a beautiful five bedroom home for sale, professional advise is always recommended.  The wrong property can be expensive and stressful.  Keep these tips in forefront when buying a home in Fort St. John.

How Much Home Can I Afford?

One of the biggest decision is how much can you afford.  As a home owner you don’t want to be what is known as house poor.  This is when you can not afford to do anything except stay home.  For instance, it is easy to get excited in the five bedroom with a beautiful view and not take into account the extra expenses involved with heating such a large home.  Buy what you can afford and allow for a cushion for any unexpected expenses.


When buying a home be sure to keep track of your paperwork.  This seems like a simple task, however when purchasing a home in Fort St. John paperwork can pile up quickly.  Turn everything in to your lender as soon as possible to prevent delays.  For extra measure, keep copies of everything.Fort St. John Real Estate

Your Future

Think about the future when buying your home.  If you are planning to have another child in the next couple years, then buy a house with an extra bedroom for the new addition.  The expense of selling a home after a few short years, could be costly.  Not to mention moving every couple years can be exhausting.

Your Rights As A Home Buyer

You have rights as a home buyer.  Both home buyers and home sellers have legal rights when it comes to buying and selling property.  As a home buyer you are entitled to a fair home loan, the right to legal contracts and the right not to be a victim of dishonest disclosures.  Hire Chad Bordeleau, Realtor in Fort St. John.  Chad is an experienced Realtor, who can guide you through the complicated process of a real estate transaction.

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