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Fort St. John Home Owners are Remodeling the Bathroom

Fort St. John Home Owners Remodeling Bathrooms Next Hottest Thing

fort st john home owners bathroom

Clean Sells!

If you are like most Fort St. John home owners you may be interested in knowing that, according to a recent survey by the National Association of Home Builders, bathroom remodels are becoming more popular than kitchen remodels. In addition the design of these baths are changing. It seems the trend is moving away from the jacuzzi tub which many Fort St. John home owners consider just another thing to dust, to the more intimate space with a fancy shower and bench. Occasionally Fort St. John home owners, who include the tubs are installing a soak-er tub instead of epicurean whirlpool. Home owners want easy up keep and accessibility and to save some money.

Fort St. John homeowners concerned with energy efficiency and lowering costs

Home owners are more willing to pay for energy efficient water faucets or toilets and are installing LED fixtures. These changes indicate that home owners are concerned about the rising cost of utilities and the shortage of water in some areas.

Door-less Showers

Another modern feature that is making headway are door-less showers. This option is turning heads as it makes getting into the shower easier. It also means that you don’t have to clean the shower door.  This saves money and time!

What you can do without spending a lot of money

It is not easy to consider spending money on the bathroom if you are planning on selling your home soon. Of course there are ways to spruce up your bathroom without a total remodel. One way to help the sale of your home and spruce up your bathroom is to remove all the toiletries from the counters and empty the trash can. If you could, make the bathroom look as though it is in a magazine or are expecting guests.  These little things could go a long way.

Clean Sells

That is the bottom line. Take the time to clean until it sparkles and keep the area clean for those last minute showings. Cleaning also means remove mildew stains and fix caulking or grout that is cracking or falling out.

New Linens

Buy new towels. If you want you can just put these towels out just before a showing so that you can insure you will be clean. Get a matching bath mat while you are at it. Purchase a white one so that you will know that it will go with any decor at your new house.  White always makes everything look new and clean.

Fresh Flowers

The last suggestion is to display some pretty flowers. You would not expect to see fresh flowers in the bathroom and when showing the home to prospective buyer clients they will be pleasantly surprised that you not only have a clean bathroom but also you took the time to show it off with freshly cut flowers. It is easy to do this time of year too since we are in the spring market season of home buying and selling.



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