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Home Remodeling Can Be Stressful

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You would not think home remodeling can be stressful on your relationship, but it can be according to a survey conducted by Houzz, a home remodeling and design network it is.

Although I do not claim to be a relationship expert, Houzz offers four tips:

Four Tips To Take The Stress Out Of Home Remodeling And Save Your Relationship

  • Create ground rules. Determine which items must be agreed upon by all parties before proceeding, for example appliances or wall color. Do not leave each other out of important decisions.
  • Have a budget. Before moving forward do your research and stay in budget.
  • Just as in all other respects of a relationship, home remodeling is give and take. Pick your battles.
  • Go on a date night. Talk about your ideas and listen to the other person’s ideas and make a note of the commonalities.

The survey showed that couples were often happier after the remodel was complete so there is a happy ending.

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