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Home Sellers In The Fort St. John MLS Change The Way You Think

Think Like A Fort St. John Home Buyer

When listing your home in the Fort St. John MLS to sell, home sellers have to change the way they think. In order to be a Fort St. John BC good home seller you have to think like a Fort St. John BC home buyer. Home buyers are not emotionally attached to your Fort St. John house. They have no investment in your home. They have not raised children there. They have not shared special memories there. There are no strings attached. As a good seller you have to be objective as a smart buyer would.

Make Your Fort St. John House Someone’s Fort St. John Home

We all love our things. All your things make your home. Home sellers need to make their Fort St. John home feel like a prospective home buyers home. Stage your home in a fashion that would appeal to the potential buyer.

Emotions Don’t Pay

Emotional attachment does not pay. Home sellers may miss an opportunity to sell your home if you can not let go of the emotional attachment. No one can take away the memories you have made in your home. Simply, start to think of the new memories that can be made in your new home.

Help Your Buyer

In the end, home sellers want to sell their house so it can become someone else’s home. When a buyer comes to your house it is looking at it through their eyes as a potential home for their family. As a good seller you can assist them.home sellers

Make Space

Make some room, create space for growth. Potential buyers want to see that there is plenty of space for all their stuff. The stuff that makes their house a home. In order to sell your house you have to create a home for someone else. Remove the personal items like family photos, the trophies on the mantel. Clean out the garage and allow space for another family to move in. Pack things up, after all you are going to have to pack when you do find that right buyer.


When selling your home in the Fort St. John BC area be sure to give Chad Bordeleau a call . He can offer you ideas and tips to help you attract the right buyer for your Fort St. John home.

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