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Home Selling Negotiation Tips

Home Selling Negotiations Can Be Difficult

Now you have an offer.  But unfortunately it was not what you were expecting.  Do not be dismayed.  If you make some smart negotiations you can still sell your home and come out a winner.

Do not ever let the buyer know that you have had a lot of showings and have not had an offer for months.  This would make you seem desperate or vulnerable.  Do not tell them you have to sell in 60 days because you have a job offer.  These kind of statements could give a potential the upper hand.

All offers should be in writing.  You have three options when negotiating an offer on your home.  You can accept, reject or counter offer.Do not take a lower offer personally.  In fact if you are proactive and anticipate that an offer could come in lower than expected it could help you deal with one when it comes in.  Because the first offers are usually lower than expected.  It does not mean that with some expert negotiations you can not get your house sold.

It is beyond the scope of this article to tell you how to negotiate the sale of your home but if you have any questions I would invite you to call or email me.


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