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How To Have A Successful Open House

Call it Operation Open House.


Let’s set the stage for buyers searching for a new home!  If you have the basics and your home is well maintained and cleaned, then it is time to step it up so that your open house is the most successful it can be!


Update that for sale sign with an open house sign about a week before your big day.  Anyone driving by for the next week will know that the can come back on Sunday (or whatever day you have your open house) and see the inside!


This will also alert the neighbors.  You may not want the neighbors nosing through your home but on second thought if your neighbor knows someone who may be searching for a home, your neighbor may want to pick out their new neighbor!  You may even consider sending invitations to the neighbors.


During the open house you want to remove any jewelry or anything that could be considered controversial (like an animal head on a wall). Be sure to close the toilet lids and take out the trash.


Check with your real estate agent to see if they have any special tips for your particular home.


With these things accounted for your should have a successful open house!


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