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Selling Your Home In A Digital World

How Selling Your Home Is Different Than A Decade Ago

If you have not sold a home in the past ten or twenty years than you are in for a surprise. The house hunting and house selling process has changed. Home buyers are searching for homes on line and are expecting to see pictures. Not just a few pictures either but twenty or even thirty pictures and a video of the home. Photos can increase the perceived value of your home by more than ten percent in some cases.Fort St. John Real Estate

Buyers Can Share Information Readily

Although some buyers like to hold a piece of paper or brochure in their hands there is no ignoring the digital buyer. Home buyers can share their favorite homes on Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and several other social media platforms. Much of this sharing is done on mobile smart phones.

Digital Marketing

When marketing your home I employ both new and old techniques to help you gain the highest exposure for your Fort St. John property. By combining new technology and old school marketing we can increase the traffic to your property for sale.

Real Estate Agents Must Be Connected!

In the old days, a real estate agent had a business card, a fax number and that was about it. Today the investment in technology only gives our clients the edge. I can send out a tweet about a new listing or share it on Facebook and it is like word of mouth marketing about your home. Everyone knows word of mouth is the best marketing there is. There is no denying the more connected I am the more exposure your home has in the best light and the faster the home sells. Isn’t that the goal?



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