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Three steps to buying your first home in Fort St John

Three steps to buying your first home in Forts St John

Buying a home is often one of the largest and most exciting transactions you will ever make. Some of the details can be confusing and overwhelming and not every situation is the same.

1) You’ll want to get pre-approved for financing - You aren’t applying for a mortgage – only finding out how much financing you can qualify for. It is especially important in Fort St John where we have a competitive market. Having a pre-approval will help you determine the price range you are shopping in, but will also put you in a position where you can act immediately when you find something that you like. There are many highly qualified mortgage specialists here in Fort St John, you just have to find the right one that suits your needs. So, make sure you have this done before you start looking at your future home.

2) Find the right house and make an offer – There are many variables which will determine which house is right for you. The Fort St John Real Estate Market at the time you are buying will have a large effect on what you decide on in the end. Every situation, and all aspects are different, but in Fort St John Real Estate Market, when you find the right home for you, DO NOT HESITATE – Make that offer right away, or it could be bought right out from under you.

3) Getting an accepted offer and moving forward with the sale – This is when things start to get real and exciting for you. Once you have an accepted offer on the home of your choice it is time to start doing your research on the property, inspecting it closely, gaining mortgage approval, seeking answers for any questions you may have about it. Start exploring your new property, and the different options you have. Once you have made the final decision to buy your first home and all the paperwork is done, you will have time to pack up your belongings and plan for the big day!

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