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Welcome To Fort St John

Are You A Newcomer to Fort St John British Columbia?Fort St John

If you are a newcomer to Fort St. John I would like to welcome you and provide some information to help you become familiar with Fort St.John as you make your home here.  Fort St John is the biggest city in the northeast part of British Columbia.

Much of the area is considered wild country.  There are not many roads and you must travel a long distance to get to the neighboring towns.  No one seems to mind because Fort St. John has everything you would want.

Fort St John is known as Peace River Country.  This is the oldest community in the interior of the province.  About 19,000 people live in Fort St. John.

We are in a different time zone than most of British Columbia.  We are in the Mountain Time Zone, which means during the winter, the time is one hour earlier than the rest of British Columbia.

Fort St John has four seasons.  Our summers are pleasant and in the winter it gets very cold.  Temperatures in the winter can be as cold as -18 degrees Celsius and in the summer the temperature ranges between 10-20 degrees Celsius.    I hope you brought your long underwear, you are going to need it.

We are known as the Energetic City because of the oil and gas industry.  Here you will find the business and service center for Northeastern British Columbia.

If you would like more information about Fort St. John you could visit the city website or go to the Fort St. John Visitor Information Center. At 9522 100th Street, or call them at 250-785-3033.

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