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What Is My Home Worth?

Ever Wonder What Your Home Is Worth?

Not Updating Could Threaten What Your Is Home Worth

home s value

Fort St. John home’s value

There are some things you can change to make sure your home sells quick and increase what your home is worth.If you are thinking about selling your home then it is time to think about updating.

Location Location Location

It is true where you home is located greatly affects  what your home is worth. In some cases your Fort St. John home’s value can increase or decrease the value as much as fifty percent. Although when you bought your home the location was suitable for you. But things change such as zoning or school district, or even because the neighbor next door has a pile of old tires in the back yard. If you look out your back yard and see the pile of tires you can plant privacy hedges or put up a privacy fence. Something like this increases what your home is worth.

If the pictures on the Fort St. John MLS show an outdated kitchen and bathroom a Fort St. John home buyer may move on to the next house for sale in Fort St. John which would not require as much “imagination”. New appliances, a modern kitchen and bath will increase the value of your home in Fort St. John. Update the light fixtures, add some fresh paint and you will get a high return for your investment.

If your Fort St. John home has a strange or choppy layout it could also affect your home’s value. Open layouts will generally bring a higher value and sales price. This is considered a functional problem and can reduce the value as much as 25%.

A garage adds value to your home. Many Fort St. John home buyers expect a garage when they purchase a home. It is important to have the right size garage for the home based on its location and neighborhood and homes surrounding it. For instance if you have a one car garage in a neighborhood which other homes do not have garages than that will bring a higher value than having the same garage in a neighborhood where most of the surrounding homes have two or three car garages.

If you need more information about the value of your home give me a call or send an email. I’d be happy to talk with you about the value of your Fort St. James home.  

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