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What Your Front Door Says About You

Front Doors Send A Messagefront door

There is a wife’s tale that if your front door is red it means your mortgage is paid off. Not so sure that anyone actually pays attention to that but the color of your front door does send a message.

Your front door is the first impression a potential Fort St John home buyer gets when approaching your home. Your front door should beckon potential buyers to come inside for a closer look. The front door is the focal point of your home. Depending what color your front door is could actually send a message to the buyer.

So what color should your front door be? Here is what the Paint Quality Institute says different  door colors can mean:

  • Blue: Conveys a place of refuge or retreat
  • Green: Projects health, tranquility, and harmony
  • Black: Projects strength, power, and authority
  • Red: Conveys passion, energy, and excitement
  • Brown: Offers a natural look that can convey warmth, stability, and reliability

Regardless of whether your door gets a new color or not this year just remember that it is sending a message to Fort St. John home buyers. If the paint is chipping or if the door is old it can subliminally tell buyers that this home is not being cared for. Some home buyers will set expectations based on the feeling they get when the approach the front door.



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