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Negotiating An Offer On Your Home – Now What?

When negotiating an offer on your home, have a plan for reviewing purchase offers.

1.  All offers are negotiable.  When you get an offer on your home you can either accept it, reject it or counter offer.


2.  Lay down guidelines in advance.  Decide ahead of time which terms are most important to your goals.  If you need to move by a specific date you may need to be flexible on price.

3. It is not personal.  Selling your home is a business transaction.  Yes, admittedly it can be emotional, but don’t let your emotions get in the way of negotiating an offer on your home when it comes in lower than you had anticipated.

4.  Think outside the box.  If you are negotiating an offer on your home, which has come in unexpectedly low, ask your real estate agent to find out what is important to the buyer and see if you can meet the buyer’s needs.  You may learn the buyer really wants a particular school district or that the buyer needs to move by a particular date.  Knowing these details may allow you to stay firm on your price and offer to close quickly.  Successfully negotiating an offer on your home, may mean you have to be flexible.

Helping you through the process of negotiating an offer on your home is one of my greatest strengths.  I have helped many families work though home purchase tough negotiations.  I would invite you to sit down with me and let’s work out a plan to negotiating an offer on your home that suits your needs and goals.


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